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Microvision Announces Direct Green Lasers

Laser Envy!!!

via News at About Projectors by Jason on 11/1/10

Microvision is a leader in innovative ultra-miniature projection display technology. Today, the company announced that they have integrated the first “direct green” laser into a pico projector prototype. Direct green lasers are capable of producing green light natively as opposed to the “synthetic” green lasers that were previously used. The synthetic green lasers use infrared lasers to manipulate the wavelength so that it looks green. The direct green lasers will be significantly help simplify the projector’s design and manufacturing process. It will also require even less power to run and even cost less, which means cheaper projectors. Microvision is looking to finish their prototype soon so that other manufacturers can begin integrating them into their own products. The company announced that they already have at least five manufacturers who are planning to release direct green laser projectors between 2011 and 2012.

[via Businesswire]

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