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Home Theater Screen – Why do you want a home theater?

Everyone has their reasons for wanting a home theater, home theater screen or not. Why do you want a home theater? Are you a movie buff, maybe you want to watch your favorite television shows or sports on a bigger scale? How ’bout playing your favorite video games on a big screen? Modern Warfare, Halo Reach, Madden 11, NHL 11…..yes, Yes, YEs and YES!

I want a a home theater so I can have a movie theater feel in my own home. I wouldn’t have to deal with cellphones ringing and other distractions that happen at public theaters. No driving to the theater, no lines for tickets or bathrooms, no waiting for the movie to start, sticky floors, getting a bad seat, high priced refreshments, etc.. I could go on and on. Heck, I just want a room where my family and friends can watch a movie without a bunch of distractions, some privacy and no worries about disturbing the neighbors. But the very best part of having my own home theater would be the fact that I can sit exactly where I want to sit for every movie! No more sitting too close, too far away or too much to one side.

For awhile now, the opportunity to have a Theater in your home has been available. You could purchase a projector and connect it to your DVD player and some speakers and project the image on a wall or bed sheet and watch a movie like it was meant to be seen. If you really want to watch a movie like it was meant to be seen, then you need to have a home theater screen to project the image on. There is no question that it makes a huge difference in the projected image. It captures the image and shoots/reflects it right back at the audience. A bed sheet or wall doesn’t have the characteristics needed to do that.

It don’t mean a thing if you don’t have a screen!!! (A little bit of a reach but I thought it sounded good.)
Movies were meant to be seen on a home theater screen!!! See, wall or sheet doesn’t rhyme with seen. That proves it!


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